A Guide to Writing and Structuring Your Master's Dissertation

A dissertation is termed a long piece of academic document, which integrates original research. It can be submitted as undergraduate or post-graduate writing. The structure of a dissertation varies, and it depends on the discretion of students. However, ideally, the dissertations are divided into five or six chapters. Different chapters have different purposes. In this following article, the assignment writing experts at Treat Assignment Help provide a thorough evaluation of the structure of the master’s dissertation.

Chapters in a Dissertation

Ideally, there are five or six chapters within a dissertation. The different chapters include an introduction, literature review, methodology, results and discussion, and conclusion. In certain cases, the author of the dissertation combines the results and discussion chapters. Often in the case of secondary analysis, the authors conduct secondary analysis on past papers and literature. In that case, the discussion is conducted in the same chapter. Essentially in the case of a humanities dissertation, it is structured in the form of a long essay. The primary along with the secondary analysis is conducted within the dissertation. In the case of thematic analysis, the multiple chapters will be evaluated based on certain themes.

The other important aspects of the dissertation, that the authors should be aware of are title pages, reference lists along with the abstract. Within the abstract section, a brief synopsis of the purpose of the dissertation along with the findings of the dissertation should be presented succinctly. The essence of the dissertation should be attained from the dissertation.

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In the following section, we will discuss the various components of the dissertation.

Title Page

Dissertation writing services like Treat Assignment Help UK give considerable importance to titles of dissertations. The title of your master’s dissertation should be unique and brief. Furthermore, it should give a close insight into the different components and purpose of the dissertation. The page should also comprise the University Name, Department, details of the Institution, Student Number, Logo of the University, etc.


Another essential component of a Master’s dissertation is the acknowledgement page. You should ideally give your acknowledgement to the supervisors of the dissertation finance assignment help, the participants along with the friends and family who have supported you.


Also known as Executive Summary, within this section, the student needs to provide a summary of the dissertation. Ideally, the total number of words that are designated for this section is 200 to 300 words. In the executive summary, Online Dissertation Writing Services recommend that you include the main topics of the research, along with the methods that are being evaluated. Furthermore, you would also have to summarize the main results and state the conclusions.


In the first chapter of the dissertation, you would need to establish the topic. Contextualization of work along with the provision of relevant background information is crucial. Further, you are also supposed to define the scope of research. Stating the objectives along with the different components of the research questions is highly crucial.

Literature Review

It is also termed the provision of a theoretical framework. It is associated with gaining a thorough comprehension of academic work. Before conducting the literature review, the students need to collect a specific source. The students need to conduct a critical evaluation of the literature that is going to be presented. The students need to then draw a connection between the themes, patterns, and conflicts of the various sources. It is important for strengthening the knowledge with the aid of new data.


The different components of the methodology section include providing a thorough explanation of the types of research. The different types of research which can be studied include qualitative, quantitative along with experimental research. Within the research methodology section, the details of when and where will be explained. The methods of analysis of statistical data, such as statistical and discourse analysis will also be studied within the section.

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Results and Discussions 

The results of the dissertation will be studied based on sub-questions along with different hypotheses. The quantitative model of data analysis and discussion analyses the different statistical data. The qualitative model of data evaluation analyses the different interview statements, etc.


At the end of the dissertation, a conclusion of the study is provided. In the chapter, the student should match the hypotheses with the findings of the dissertation. 


At the end of the dissertation, a reference or bibliography list is provided. We suggest you download the references from Google Scholar. 

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