10 Ways Marketing And Customer Service Can Work Together

For the successful operation of your business, the two fundamental departments are customer service and marketing. The combination of their effort in working can be proven to be beneficial for both business and its customers. It will be helpful for you to learn how can you combine the efforts of marketing and the team of customer service if you have an interest in serving your customer with an excellent experience. As a student of management learning both the strategies of marketing and customer service is important as how they can work together to provide the best service.

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What is the difference between customer service and marketing?

So before jumping into those 10 points let's first understand the differences between customer services and marketing. So, marketing can be explained as the process through which audiences can be attracted so that they can buy products, on the other hand, customer service means any kind of business interaction between the customers and the company after purchasing the product.

It can consider that marketing is the first impression of the consumer of the business and the response of the company in return to the feedback of the customers regarding any products or service is referred to as customer service. The main purpose of marketing is that the conversation rate can be increased and customer service is focused on the rate of retention. So basically, it can be said that through marketing customers can be attracted and customer services aim to make sure the customers have remained loyal to a particular brand.

What is the difference between customer service and marketing?

10 ways in which customer services can work with marketing

So, the following is how the Department of customer service works in collaboration with the marketing department:

Offers consistent customer interaction

It is often expected by the customers that they can have similar interactions with the professionals who are working within the same company but are from different departments. When information is shared about the customers by both departments, they can able to provide excellent customer service. Consistent interaction can be able to provide by the employees that can support the message of their brand because they know how their customers want to be contacted, what the customers want to discuss, and how best they can respond to their queries. They can also able to customize their solution depending on the need of the customers. 

Automate the customer service process

By automating the various processes of the business such as customer onboarding and resolving different issues you can able to improve your productivity. For example, if a customer calls a customer service line then you can able to create a process that will allow the customers to understand the menu thoroughly, from selecting the reason for their calling to providing the important details everything. This will help the parties to understand the situation of the customer and decrease the situation when customers have to receive repetitive information.

Creating targeted content

Usually, the customer service professional has all the knowledge about the market audience of the company, which will allow them and make it easy for them to provide content ideas to the marketing team that will be appealing to the targeted audience. They have an understanding of the need and thought processes of the customers and can also able to provide insight into how the customer view products and how they value their purchasing experience.

Offer official media support

Many brands provide their customer with various support options through their social media profiles so that they can further engage their customer for service. The marketing team focuses on creating content for social media and on the other hand, the team's customer service aims to provide their customer with a good solution so that they find the answer to their question which resolve their issues.

Collaborate with the department of product development

Collaboration of both the team that is the team of marketing and customer service teams can able to improve the experience of the customer. If the company can provide its customers with exceptional experience then the company can able to ensure customer loyalty and help the company to achieve its goals.

Align the brand message across multiple channels

The working of the customer service and marketing team in collaboration will help the marketing campaign to make sure they are delivering a united brand message throughout the multiple platforms.

Improve the insight of the customers with data

This department can work together by analyzing the data and predictive intelligence. Analyzing the data of the customers and giving information to the marketing about the need of the customers will allow the brand or company to better understand their customers.

Creating a resource base

The department marketing can also create a library of resources that will help them to notice the need of the customers. With this customers will be able to find the answer to their queries or troubleshoot an issue they have.

Refine buyer persona using data

The company can collect information about their customers and also their feedback and make data which they refine an update as buyer persona of their audience. This will help the professional to understand who their customers are before engaging with the brand. These data can also help to define the benefits they can receive from the products.

Improve key performance indicator

There is different key performance indicator (KIPs) of both department that they analyze, but both departments are focused on giving their customers an exceptional experience. To provide customers with a top-notch customer experience by unifying their efforts, both teams should identify and monitor their KIPs.

10 ways in which customers services can work with marketing


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How do customer service and marketing work together?

They share the same goal. Where marketing is more focused on bringing customers into business, customer service works to retain them.

What are the three benefits of marketing to customers?

For implementing an effective marketing plan, focused marketing may provide various significant results, which include: encouraging, developing, and maintaining customer loyalty.

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